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Grenada was sighted by Christopher Columbus on August 15, 1498 but he sailed past the island without landing. Spanish homesick sailors gave it the name “Grenada.”

Britain invaded in 1609 and France took over in 1650 and vice versa now and again until 1763 when Britain took over, you will still see or hear Patois in language and names, and most of the villages and landmarks still bear French names.

The earlier settlers called Carriacou “Kayryouacou,” meaning “land of reefs.” The island has been inhabited over the years by the Ciboneys-Amerindians-Arawaks-Caribs-Kayaks. The language on Carriacou is English with a twist of gibberish (pigeon) and patois.

As most islanders travel to and from various Grenadine islands easily, Carriacou people are called Kayaks! Kayak literally means to go, travel, or race.

My dear little side-kick and pet dog was born on Carriacou in May 2009. It seemed only natural, as she would travel everywhere with me, to name her Kayak. Indeed she is a natural! Flights to the USA don’t phase her, she happily hops into the front seat on car journeys, and when she comes home to Carriacou she is never on a leash. She romps with her siblings like a native, in and out of the sea, on and off the boats, without a second glance. Kayak adores children and looks forward to summer camp as much as the rest of us. You will see her there!

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