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This year your child may be in primary school age 8-12 and only attend camp in July and August, but in the coming years returning campers can begin to practice their counselor skills by attending as a junior or senior counselor. Maybe even grow into an artist/mentor or camp director themselves. We hope that our campers will want to return year after year, through their secondary school summers. Each year learning more about themselves and their process of creativity and inspiration.

Once we have our “winter sessions” up and running, we will offer adult education classes, after school programs, and internships with master craftsmen from the surrounding West Indian and Caribbean community. You’ll have opportunities to come on Friday nights and listen or participate in slam poetry readings, musical salons, art openings, skits and plays, and demonstrations or lectures on art, nature, the environment, and cooking.

Ultimately, we aspire to include sleep-away cabins for campers to attend from the surrounding islands. Permanent craft studios will include pottery, weaving, jewelry, painting, sculpture, and metal-smithing. Shed locations for our gallery, café, and library will also be created (accessible to campers, visitors, and artists alike). Future camp concepts include: a weekly kids radio show, dramatic and musical performances, internships and apprenticeship programs, regular artist salons and evening lecture on various subjects; culture, art, history, craft technique, poetry, cooking, music and more!

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