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Victoria Armentrout
Born into a creative family, Victoria was a weaver from the age of 10. She taught arts to kids in her high school & to young adults at the Haystack school of crafts in Deer Isle Maine. At 18 Victoria moved to New York City to attend Parsons School of Design majoring in textiles. Her career began before school ended, running a textile design studio - later this bloomed into an engineering and design position in the Home furnishings industry with travels around the world. Victoria's passion for crafts and time spent on Carriacou with young children have merged, and the seed for Camp Kayak was planted. Now Victoria lives half the year in Grenada and the other half travels to India, Egypt and Turkey to design sustainable textiles for the home - check out her business at Oval-llc.com.
Arin Yoon
Arin Yoon is a filmmaker, photographer, and teacher based in New York. She was born in Seoul, Korea, and came to the U.S. as a child. She grew up mostly in New Jersey and attended The University of Chicago and the School of Visual Arts, receiving her Master of Fine Arts in Photography, Video and Related Media. She has recently done projects on the Korean educational system and Korean comfort women. Her passions are art, education, and conservation. Check out some of her work at arinyoon.com.
Michela Migliaccio
Michela is an art therapy instructor at Camp Kayak. She is pursuing a master's degree in clinical psychology and creative art therapy. Though she grew up in Queens, her family hails from the beautiful Mediterranean island of Ischia off the coast of Naples in Italy. Her goal is to start a project similar to Camp Kayak on Ischia for children with learning disabilities. Embracing creative activities and their significance as outlets for expression, addressing conflict, and fostering imagination as paths to healing are the cornerstones of Michela's teaching philosophy. Michela also assists in the grant writing process for Camp Kayak so that our children have access to as many resources as possible.  
Erika Garcy
As a young girl, Erika had her first artistic impulse to build sculptures and dioramas with old shoeboxes and paper towel rolls. She followed her passion to art school in St. Louis, then to the mountains of Colorado working as a fine art printer. Erika currently lives in New York City where she mentors under-served children through creative arts projects, and is exploring non-toxic printmaking techniques in her studio. With her background in printmaking & drawing, combined with a love of travel & adventure, Camp Kayak is the experience she was meant for! erikagarcy.com
Anna Greene-Smith
Now a freelance illustrator, Anna graduated from MassArt in Boston in 2006 and spent time studying at the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow, Scotland. Anna's portfolio varies from illustrative conceptual ideas, portraiture, icons, signs & advertisements, to landscapes & murals. While her preference is acrylic & canvas, she has experience with oil paints, watercolor, gouache, pen & ink, graphite, charcoal, oil pastel, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Microsoft programs. Anna wants to make art that inspires and uplifts, and that is Anna’s motivation in creating communicable, accessible art. She lives & works in Providence, R.I. Anna is a principal founder of the Starving Artist located in Keene, NH, and exhibits in various locations up the East Coast, USA. Her website is: annagreenesmith.com
Georgina Ray
Born and raised in Carriacou, Grenada. Hails from the breezy Village of La Resource, and is the Grand Daughter of Famous Big Drum Drummer Daniel Akins. Georgina studied in Aruba, and enjoys working with young people teaching traditional and cultural crafts, games, and creative techniques. A hands on community leader and activist, who loves Carriacou - her contributions to our program are invaluable!
L. Emi Augustin
A working musician, producer and songwriter who has been involved with mentoring the youth through digital music. As a musical director for his band "Game Rebellion", Emi keeps his passion for creating and performing alive and well by playing both keys and trumpet.  He has worked with The Brand New Heavies, Wu-Tang Clan, Lenore Jaye , and Survival Sounds.  Emi is also involved with the public schools system as a teaching artist through organizations such as the BCCP, Freedom Academic Movement, and Molotov Music. Emi uses Reason, Garageband and Logic Pro as teaching and creative templates. He also encourages students to learn how to play, introducing them to basic musical theory while working on production.  
Rebecca Pieri
Coming home to Carriacou from Tuscany, Italy for the summer– we were blessed to have a gifted music teacher & professional Opera singer in our midst. Rebecca trained in Florence and currently teaches music and singing in the town of Pistoyia, Italy. During her visit with Camp Kayak many projects sprung from the music room– big drum, dancing, folk songs, choreography, a dramatic play and our delightful new camper song. Please visit YouTube for a version of the camper’s performance. Regrettably we must let Rebecca go home to Italy and get back to her day job, she will be sadly missed, stay tuned for further updates on Rebecca and her Camp Kayak activities
Adrien Belgrand
Adrien is a painter living and working in Paris. He attended L'école des Beaux-Arts and L'école de Communication Visuelle where he studied fine arts and architecture. His first solo show was in 2008 in Paris. Adrien’s work is influenced by modern European and American movements. But he is also influenced by supermarkets, newsstands, doughnuts, and palm trees… perfect for Carriacou. See some of his colorful and yummy work at adrien-belgrand.com.
Erin Hannelly
Erin is a biologist who has worked with various kinds of interesting plants & animals in several beautiful places on the planet.  She especially loves studying all birds, colorful, drab, large or small, in their natural habitats.  Her current focus is on the unique breeding behaviors of sage-grouse in northwest Wyoming.  For 10 years, she has been working on and off as a teacher.  She views her role as a teacher as a chance to engage students in the natural world and spark progressive thought and discussion about conservation.  When she is not working in the field or classroom she may be found surfing somewhere in Latin America or backcountry skiing in the Rocky Mountains, if she’s lucky.  
Zikey John Peters
Grenadian Born, and raised in Concord in the Parish of St. John. Zikey is a tradesman with talents in all areas of Painting, carpentry, masonry and construction. Moving to Carriacou in his early 20's he has worked with some of the most prominent architect/builders on the island. A love of children and an interest in youth mentor ship is what has drawn him to Camp Kayak this summer. With avid enthusiasm in sports, Zikey will participate in our swimming & fitness program teaching local children to swim, play basketball, and soccer, and will be helping to plan and build an obstacle and fitness challenge course, that will be a permanent fixture at the stadium we occupy - for years to come.
Trisha Sookdeo
How do we begin to thank our Stellar Chef? Tireless hours of delicious lunches & snacks, smiles and eagerness at 7:30am everyday? Trisha Sookdeo makes our energy possible and our belly's full. Without the fortification of yummy balanced meals, there would be no Camp Kayak at all! We are looking forward to the new delicacies that emerge from our kitchen this summer!
Aaron “Bongo” Barry
Musical teacher, drummer of dreams...Bongo inspires all of us with his passion for the drums. Campers learned African drums, percussion, big drum, and general beats to all styles of pop, reggae and traditional songs. Our campus pulses with these sounds everyday and we have identified many new talents in the past year! Bongo performs weekly at "Lambi Queen" steel pan nights, and in his church performing traditional services - he is multi-talented!
Clare Emma Morrall
Ten years academic experience at St George’s University and fifteen years teaching and research experience predominately in Marine Science. A decade of involvement working towards solutions to an array of environmental issues (i.e. over- exploitation of resources, user conflicts, marine litter etc.) at the national, regional and international level. For this, I’ve worked alongside local and international NGO’s representative from government departments and diverse stakeholders. Clare brings her enthusiasm for the Caribbean marine life and her vast NGO experience to the Grenadian Board of Camp Kayak ltd.
Brendon McKie
Born on Carriacou, Brendon was involved in School & Church choirs since he was 7. In secondary school he lead a church band named "Majestic" – and later in 2007 he formed with friends a well-known group named the “Black Blingers." Many Soca Monach competitions ensued with winning performances in 2009, second place prize in 2010 and third place in 2011. A self-taught guitar player with understanding of the Banjo and Quattro instruments! Brendon is a mad lyricist – helping us create the Camp Camp Kayak theme song – and collaborating with Skinny Banton on the production. Our music room is always filled with eager small musicians clamoring to compose & learn!
Born on Carriacou makes Kayak a local...but, she also travels back and forth the the USA in the off season to visit friends & family. Long hot days spent snuggling, catching balls, eating left-overs and swimming with the kids is hard work! Can't wait for summer! Can't wait for summer!
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