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Location, Ministry and Thank You’s!
Grenada is the stuff of legends–islands so beautiful that they it inspire poets and painters to illustrate their passion in love poems and garish scenic’s–it is a country so rich that nations have fought over it, time and time again. It is a place of abundance, the numbers of rich rivers and lush fruit forests cannot be counted, and with white sandy beaches – one only dreams about. Yet, it is also a place so poor that many can starve for lack. Grenada is a constant contrast.

Grenadian people and colorful culture are modern, well traveled, and worldly–much of this can be attributed to the rich cultural history, ethnic diversity and the variegated settlements amongst them. One cannot understand the present Grenada without understanding a bit of the past.

Grenada is nearly the Southernmost State in the Caribbean chain – with Trinidad and Tobago being the lowest, closest to South America. Grenada, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, and Dominica are all part of an island grouping called the Windward Islands. All are categorized as the West Indies – Grenada lies 90 miles north of Venezuela.

Between Grenada and St. Vincent are long chains of rocky islands called “the Grenadines”, a series of tiny outcroppings & cays – only a few of which are inhabited. Grenada itself, is not one land but many islands, Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique being the largest. Carriacou is where Camp Kayak is based.

At Camp Kayak we spend as much time as possible incorporating the vibrant history of our Windward heritage into our classroom and into our art.  It is with the understanding that Carriacou, Grenada, and the West Indies are the best inspiration, that we approach our curriculum focus and instill a greater understanding of where each child’s creative resources can flow.

Camp Kayak’s objective is to support and collaborate with the local community, and our deep desire is to work in harmony with the annual school curriculum and it’s educators. With this agenda, Camp Kayak is in partnership with the Ministry of Carriacou & Petite Martinique Affairs and has been from the onset of the programs development.

Support from our local government is essential to our program, and we take this opportunity to thank the following people: Permanent Secretary Ms. Bernadette Sylvester, the acting Permanent Secretary Mr. Javan Williams, the Minister of Education Ms. Gertrude Niles and PAM Director / Manager of Social Services Ms. Rosemary Balin, for all their cooperation, collaborations and continued support of this project. Without them, our dreams of a Creative Arts Camp on Carriacou would never have materialized.

Thank You
I would like to thank Sandra “Sandy” Armentrout; my mother, my mentor, my sponsor & my reason for being. “Sandy” is why Camp Kayak is possible today– her support & underwriting made this project come alive. She funded the initial resource library materials & made many other generous gifts to the camp. We honor her in our inspiration everyday & hopefully we will do her proud!

Lastly, thanks goes to the many creative contributors of this project, you know who you are. Bob, Luke, Marcella, Erika, Laura, Jaime, Anna, Shirlan, Owen, Nick, Sarah, Karen, Chris, Jordan– how could we have done it without you?  Don’t worry we’ll ask you for more!

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