The first day…

Aug. 15th

My first day of Camp Kayak was fun, because we played cricket and we danced. First of all we had to get a T-shirt. There were eight different colored jerseys. The eight different colors are purple, orange, red, maroon, green, turquoise, yellow and blue. I got purple. There are eight children in each group. The names of my friends in my group are Abbia, Wintress, Cerine, Edwin, Travis, and Tyrece…don’t forget me “Roselene”. For lunch we had rice and peas, BBQ chicken, and salad we had juice. The food tastes delicious. After lunch the purple team washed the dishes and it was fun! After washing dishes we got ready to go to the beach. Everyone got ready in their bath suits. We got noodles, a life jacket and goggles. So we went to the beach, and the water felt cool. We were all bathing and suddenly it satrted to rain. We all stayed in the water while it rained and had fun, after a while we had to go back to the stadium, so we got our stuff and left paradise beach. When we got back we took a bathe and went to change. When we came outside we got dessert and then the bus came for us. Then we headed off to drop the kids home.

journal entry by Roselene Jones – Mt. Pleasant, Carriacou

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