There It Is!

My name is Ella and I attend Hillsborough Primary School. I just came from Grenada yesterday, via the Osprey, and I spotted the Camp Kayak container at the port, in with loads of other containers – there were stacks of three and the Blue Camp Kayak container was the TOP one!

I yelled in the car to my Uncle and cousin Joe – saying: “hey there it is! Victoria’s container for Camp Kayak!” it stood out from the others so clearly!  We got onto the ferry and watched for it again, all you could see was the big blue sides from the water – and half the word “Kayak” was clear.

When we got off the ferry in Carriacou we shouted to Auntie Karen “we saw the container!” we described it to Auntie and then to Mummy and everyone got super excited about it – especially me! Extremely – because I know I will go to Camp Kayak this summer and really enjoy myself! Now I am part of the process too because I was the first Carriacou person to see the multicolored container arrive in Grenada!

Even though school ends this week and normally I would focus on reading or holiday, I am now really, really looking forward to Camp instead!

Ella Northey – grade 5
Hillsborough Primary School

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