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Last Days Session 1 – 2011
August 22, 2011

Summer 2011 – session one

The summer is full underway…and it has been grand so far! We’ve tried a new formula this year: more campers, more staff…and longer sessions! WOW! What a wonderful expansion we have had. 65 students from the ages of 8-12 yrs. joined us on the first day of Camp Kayak on July 11th, along with 10 CIT students (with past camp experience) and 18 foreign teachers & local volunteers – our group is more than 90 strong! Wide-eyed and ready for an exhilarating day, we gathered at the assembly tables for roll call. Some faces were familiar…. there was Darren from Petite Martinique, and Tamara from Petite Carrinage, Anntoya from Lauriston, and Edwina from Mount Pleasant, but for the most part the students of 2011 are new, anxious to learn what Camp Kayak is all about.

Studios in Photography, Film, arts and craft, music, dance, sports and cooking kept us all busy that initial week…classes of 8 were assigned their colors and excitedly headed off to learn something new! The children in the film and photo classes – manned with cameras and new perspective photographed each other, the campus, and their teachers. They scoured the grounds finding shapes of letters in nature, to spell out their names. Dances were choreographed and music was written by the campers. Paint pots were filled and a variety of projects undertaken…the campus was buzzing!

Each day we sit down to a big nutritious meal…we have dined on Lasagna, and fish, meatloaf and stewed chicken….The camp favorite of course, was Tuesday when the “Lazy Turtle” restaurant sponsored Pizza day – the children vied to work in the kitchen and cook that meal themselves! Everyone joins in to help, teams of children have been busy washing wears, serving meals and generally keeping watch for what they can do to be of use! I am very proud of them all. One team in particular stands out from the crowd…Green Team has exhibited exemplary skill at helpfulness – they know who they are – winning prizes for their team’s organization and cooperation!

One the last set of days all campers joined in to write and perform a camp play….”Once Upon a time in Carriacou” – a fairy tale based on local folk stories and Cinderella. It was fabulous! I loved the sets, the costumes, the dramatic acting…and most of all – everyone was involved. Our audience, comprised of parents and local community sat enchanted by the actors and actresses…for 40minutes! I am sorry to see this session end. Everyone had a wonderful time and left camp on the last day changed for the betterment of their experience! Thank you session one – 2011 we loved our time with you! See you Sept. 3rd for Parents Day wrap up!

Regards and Blessings,
Victoria Armentrout – Camp Director and Founder