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2010 – Completed!
July 28, 2010

33 campers, 15 volunteers, 2 rain days, 1 dog.
We all had tears in our eyes at the end of the day Friday, the kids didn’t want to leave, the counselors were exhausted, plenty hugs were given and taken gratefully. We had an amazing two weeks!

The children have transformed– we have new swimmers and burgeoning artists, actors and dancers, yoga gurus, cooks and avid helpers. We are blessed.
Best of all we have a new camp kayak song, sung by all the kids – it’s really wonderful, check out our link to YouTube and see it for yourself.

Camp is closed now, Carriacou has two big festival weeks ahead and we all need naps for sure. We re-open on August 11th and have 66 more students yet to attend. Exciting, exhausting, exhilarating, and extraordinary! We cannot wait!