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Has it only been a week?
July 20, 2010

I look at our 30+ first session campers, and I am blown away by them! Some were apprehensive, some came with their parents, some shed tears of transition, others traveled over from another island and many had never met before. This week they have transformed. Today I read all their journals, and smiled. The pages are filled with joy, sketches and self portraits! And the kids seems to now feel completely comfortable on campus, and call it their own.

We have new swimmers, and drummers, and chefs, and gymnasts. We have song writers, and singers, actors and painters. They are really blooming in front of our eyes. These days are long, and we are whipped by 5:00pm, but I find myself missing the kids today. Still glad for our precious weekend days off.

Tomorrow brings a counselor pool party in Craigston, and a bit of preparation for Monday – but mostly a nice restful time together, week two is next! So, I’m feeling proud and content tonight, and very grateful that this Camp came into being in Carriacou!

More to come!