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Great Day at CPR Class
July 8, 2010

Yesterday, marked a special day for Camp Kayak – 10 if us took the all day CPR certification class to be emergency responders and 10 are certified today! How fantastic – how proud I am of everyone! The day was long, hot and sticky but we all hung in there and learned the proper procedures and techniques to look listen feel then ACT – in emergency situation accurately – at the camp – and in our daily life, so awesome!

Today, after much celebrating last night we have a few events to join in on – Fisherman’s birthday in Harvey Vale, and the graduation ball at After Hours tonight, lookout Carriacou this is our last weekend before camp and we are all stepping out on the town!

Tomorrow brings a proper BBQ at a lovely spot on the beach and hard work begins again Monday…containers to unpack, children to schedule, bus routes to plan and organization in full swing at the stadium – updates to follow!

As they say on Carriacou, let we roll!