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Made of Magic Stuff
June 29, 2010

Well, we all made it to Grenada safe and sound!
Everyone is settling in nicely and Carriacou is beginning to feel like home to our American team!

The last weeks have been truly amazing – what has been accomplished and where we have been. In the past 10 days our counselors arrived at Maurice Bishop Airport in Grenada, and we have received our first palette of goods…we bought additional equipment in Grenada, and started the installation of electrical fans into the studios at the stadium. We have our little red mail box out front of the camp entrance, and organization of our artist spaces is beginning now.

Snake Pit had come alive with the addition of the Camp Kayak Team – and having a vibrant place to hang is great! Richard Barcley and Christopher Bartholomew have been amazing, arranging all the little conveniences of home to make the team feel welcome. Lonnie Wyse has been cooking like a champ – teaching us all about Lambi waters and Oil Down. Laura Smith is the den mother extraordinaire. CPR certification class is on Friday, and we will work hard to get 10 of us tested and ready for the next three years!

This past Saturday was Fisherman’s Birthday on Carriacou and is a most wonderful day of music and cooking all along the beach. A day when the local fisherman give back to the nation by serving eats and drinks for free, to the people that support them all year long. We enjoyed watching Anna and Erika roll cou cou and sticky rice into yummy baked balls of delicious matter – so tasty! All sorts of kids tumbled into the sea and played with us – and many people are beginning to know us by face at Paradise bay.

Sunday, another outing took us to Point Cistern – the future site of Camp Kayak for a neighborly BBQ on the beach – volunteers and counselors alike joined us to relax and enjoy the last free weekend before the big push to open July 12th! A fantastic day was had by all – and everyone chipped into make it work.

We are so pleased to have enthusiastic local volunteers signing up to work and play at Camp Kayak – this summer seems to be made of magic stuff.
More details as it all unfolds, I am overwhelmed and so excited by what is coming together down here!

See you at Camp Kayak very soon!

Victoria Armentrout
Camp Director/Founder