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Getting Ready to Go!
May 6, 2010

Whew, it has been a whirlwind. I’m not sure where we have all found the energy! Two months have flown bye and the container set sail for Carriacou yesterday. Of course it was raw, cold and raining, it was amazing! To prepare for camp this summer we have been stockpiling art supplies – gifts and donations come in from so many generous people! Yarn, darkroom supplies, art materials, clothes, sporting equipment – you name it friends of Camp Kayak have donated it. The 20’ container was packed so tight even Mr. McPhie was impressed! The movers from Collegian Moving came Friday May 14th, and we were still packing boxes of supplies franticly! They were so nice – we did it and rolled the last box out of Victoria’s living room by 1:00pm that day – wow! The 26’ ft truck had to be unloaded and jammed entirely into a 20’ container! We made magic happen and it all fit – how? We do not know. This past weekend was a blast – Alberto Lopez came from Williamsburg, Brooklyn to jazz up the metal exterior of our shipping container – we will own it and store our bits in there when Camp Kayak is not in session.  No of us expected that Al would be so fantastic! It took about 4 days to paint all four sides of the storage box – and boy does it look great! When the truck rolled away I actually got a little overwhelmed and then I realized it was sailing to us in Carriacou and I started to giggle with excitement! Do the kids even know what is in store for them? We have a bunch of paper work still to do – and getting the shipping documents for all the donated materials together is a job unto itself! I am so excited to work on my curriculum, that is the next meeting we have planned before we all fly down.  I can’t wait to get there! Can’t wait!